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Helping your customers through better knowledge and shopping experiences.

Right Plant, Right Place, Right Care


At GoodPlantChoices, we help your customers discover good plant choices, gardening solutions, and seasonal care instructions.

Providing gardening handouts, information for plant signage and specific seasonal care for plants.

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Bench Card Information

Bench Card Value

Recognizing that many garden centers don’t have the time and possibly the resources to research plant needs for the customer, we offer bench card information that is specific to the plants you offer.


Informational Handouts


Informational handouts

  • Engage your customers

  • Heighten your professionalism

  • Facilitate sales

  • Create a tie to your community



Gardening Solutions For Your Region

Some information, mostly involving plant lists or gardening issues, is much more useful when it addresses a specific region of the U.S. Factors such as heat and cold extremes, length of the growing season, humidity, wind and the timing and amount of rainfall determine not only which plants may be suitable for an area, but often interact to impact issues like drought tolerance or invasiveness.


Seasonal Care Gardening Calendar

Of great value to your customers is a care calendar for plants in their landscape, so they can efficiently schedule their gardening tasks.



Don’t judge each day
by the number of sales but instead
by the number of happy customers

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