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Informational handouts

  • Engage your customers

  • Heighten your professionalism

  • Facilitate sales

  • Create a tie to your community


Our handouts give your customers the information they need to become better gardeners and expand their experience. When they have questions, they will think of you for answers.


Our handouts cover a wide range of topics including instructionals, information for plant groups, care guides, planting guides, crafts with plants, solutions for problems, seasonal interest and purely educational information. Some examples are:


Preventing Disease in Your Landscape

How to Divide Hostas

Drift Rose Care

Recognize and Treat Cold Damage

Adding Camellias to Your Landscape

Heat Tolerant Landscape Plants

Houseplant Watering Fundamentals

Tropic Life - Creating a Tropical Feel

Salt Tolerant Landscape Plants

Succulent Arrangements

Tough Perennials for North Florida


Rain Gardens

Growing Sweet Potatoes in Containers

Container to Table - Patio Vegetable Gardening

Landscape Hurricane Preparedness

How to Make a Kokedama

Nectar Plants for Migrating Wildlife

How to Prune a Large Branch

Start a Spring Vegetable Garden

Preserving Greenery for the Holidays

Top Low Light Houseplants

Frost or Freeze?

Air Plant Care and Display

Starting Plants from Seeds Indoors

Pruning Fundamentals


You can also request a topic from us. Handouts are sent to you in pdf format with your Garden Center logo and associated USDA Hardiness Zone if desired, along with the handout’s own QR Code. The code allows customers to read and download the handout from their smartphone, where they can instantly access the information hidden in the code. Most smartphones have an integrated QR Code reader in the phone camera, or a reader can be downloaded from an app store. Technology such as this is increasingly used in garden centers as the customer base becomes more techno-savvy.  Alternatively, you can print the handouts.



Pricing is based on length of the handout since it roughly correlates with the depth of the information and time to produce.  A one-page handout is U.S. $10.

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