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Signage Sells!


Bench Card Value

Recognizing that many garden centers don’t have the time and possibly the resources to research plant needs for the customer, we offer bench card information that is specific to the plants you offer. Bench cards:

  • Provide structure, organization and color for the garden center

  • Lend an air of professionalism and promote confidence in the garden center

  • Assist customers who prefer to shop on their own or are in a hurry, to make a plant decision. Also so staff can direct customers more efficiently

  • Provide information to make customers successful so they return to your center

  • Promote the education of non-seasoned staff

  • Good signage can often start conversations

Displaying plant information in a large and clear format next to the plant helps both customers and employees.


Bench Card Information

When you provide us with a common and botanical name for a plant, we will provide a document with the following information specific to the cultivar level:

  • Common name

  • Botanical name (most current and correct nomenclature format)

  • USDA Hardiness Zones the plant can survive

  • Low temperature limit for the plant’s survival

  • Heat Zone the plant tolerates, when available

  • Climate Zone if your garden center is in one of the 13 western states

  • Mature Height

  • Mature Width

  • Exposure needs

  • Water needs

  • Plant type, form and foliage duration

  • Bloom time and color or fruiting time 

  • Blooms on old/new/both wood

  • Foliage color (non-green)

  • Best attribute(s), for example deer resistance, drought tolerance, salt tolerance etc.

  • Landscape Use

Your logo and regional hardiness zone can also be  displayed in the document.


Our information has been deeply and thoroughly researched using multiple professional, breeder, grower and university sources. It is provided in a Google Document shared to you. You will be able to edit/shorten/change as you need to reproduce the information in whatever form or format that suits your needs, from editable plant tags to full 8.5x11 pages to be inserted into a working notebook to full or half size sheets that can be laminated, printed on weather and UV resistant paper, or printed on sticky labels attached to corrugated plastic cards, then installed onto metal sign holders or step stakes. We can help you source signage materials.



Bench Card Information   $5 per plant


A garden center ordering 50 or more plants within a 6-month period will receive a QRCode which directs to their website (or any document, contact information etc.). This can be used in a variety of ways such as printing on stickers for signage or products, on business cards or even printing onto t-shirts and garden center uniforms.

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