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Learn More - Regional Handouts

To generate a Regional Handout, let us know your zip code so we can determine in which area your garden center falls. Regional handouts are more climate-specific for the 14 western states. Remaining regions focus on the heat and cold extremes of the area.


New England


Upper South

Middle South

Lower South

Coastal South

Tropical South



New Mexico

Eastern Washington / Eastern Oregon / Idaho

Nevada / Montana / Wyoming / Utah / Colorado

Western Washington

Western Oregon

Northern California

San Francisco Bay Area

Central California

Los Angeles Region

Southern California Desert

San Diego Region

Plant Lists for a region can be generated for Deer Resistance, Drought Tolerance, Heat Tolerance, Full Shade, Dry Shade, Wet Areas, Salt Tolerance, Low Maintenance and Invasive Alternatives.  Handouts will be sent in pdf format and include your garden center's logo, zone and associated QR Code, so customers can read and download the handout from their smartphone or you can supply printer versions.  


U.S. $100. each

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